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Growing responsibly means reducing our impact on the environment.  We are taking positive steps to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste from our stores, offices and distribution centres, whilst making a concerted effort to source our materials and products from environmentally responsible suppliers and manufacturers.


We want all products and operations to be waste free.  We are working to eliminate unnecessary packaging and 97% of all the waste created on a DIFM project is now recycled.

We have developed a waste management strategy that aims to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill sites, increasing the percentage of recycled or reclaimed material used by the company.

Future projects currently under development include plans to recycle plastic packaging waste produced by individual stores and to reduce the amount of packaging customers take home around our products.


We support the drive to net zero carbon.  We are making progress and our objective is to continue to reduce our carbon footprint. Over 50% of our stores have already been fitted with low energy lighting but electricity remains our largest source of emissions and is a focus of our reduction efforts as we continue to refit stores. We also continue to target other areas to reduce emissions, particularly our vehicle fleet.

Wickes is a supporter of the British Retail Consortium's Climate Action Roadmap.

Quality sustainable products

We aim to provide safe, fit for purpose and sustainable products to our customers. 97% of our timber is sourced through PEFC or FSC approved suppliers. We are currently looking into ways of increasing the percentage of timber sourced through chains of custody, a process overseen by the WWF Forest and Trade Network.

Promoting energy efficiency

Wickes sells a wide range of products which help with energy efficiency, including insulation, double glazing, lighting and smart heating systems, all supported by a network of local tradesmen. This not only saves households money, but with around 20% of UK carbon emissions from housing, it helps the environment too.

Protecting Peatlands

We recognise that peat is an essential habitat for the natural environment, valuable to not only wildlife, but also providing flooding protection, and acting as a carbon sink to fight climate change.

Wickes is committed to moving away from peat in our products, and our current target is to remove peat from our products by 2025.

We are working closely with industry to develop sustainable alternatives that will perform satisfactorily at a value our customers have come to expect. We have developed a peat free alternative for our own brand compost, and will continue to review and improve our growing media range in order to reduce the number of products that contain peat.

We await the outcome of the Government’s consultation on phasing out the use of peat in horticulture and will continue to work hard towards removing peat from our range as soon as possible.