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Wickes launches charming new spot in continuation of their ‘Housebarrassment’ campaign series

Nobody needs reminding that we have been living through some very challenging times and we’ve all been spending more time in our homes than ever before and as a result many of them have taken an absolute battering.

The latest installment of the Wickes Housebarrassment campaign, created by VCCP, will continue to tackle a range of different home improvement categories, this time focusing on a teenager's bedroom. In the next few months and in the hope that they will be able to have friends round again, those rooms, more than most, may have been neglected and grown out of. In the 30” ad we see a young boy inviting his friend around for a video game rematch only to realise that his bedroom is no longer the cool hang-out it once was. With the help of his Dad he soon transforms it to somewhere he can feel proud of.

Simon Learman, Creative Director at VCCP commented: “Our new spot illustrates that ‘housebarrassment’ can affect home dwellers of any age. It’s also a timely reminder that as we welcome spring, a simple but effective lick of paint can transform any room.”

Shelley Allison, Head of Marketing - Core & Trade comments: “We’re really excited to be showing a new home improvement story through our ‘Housebarrassment’ creative. Airing for the first time, this advert brings light relief from a young adult's point of view, showcasing the sense of pride in redecorating his space. We know that people are really enjoying rediscovering or learning new DIY skills and have no doubt this new advert will resonate with many customers.”

The spot will launch across TV on the 25th March, with the Housebarressment campaign running to the end of 2021.