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Business ethics

Wickes is committed to conducting our operations honestly, responsibly and with integrity. We have a Code of Business Ethics (the ‘Code’) which is at the heart of how we run our business and applies to all colleagues.

We are committed to engaging colleagues on business ethics and regulatory matters in a practical and relevant way, and have a calendar of communication activity in place to ensure colleagues are both clear on the standards we expect and know what to do if they are concerned something is wrong. This is supported by an e-learning training module on the Code which all colleagues complete.

We operate a confidential and independent whistleblowing service with update reports provided to our Executive team and the Plc Board on a regular basis. A Gifts and Hospitality reporting process is also in place.

We also talk about our overall performance in our annual Responsible Business Reports.

Data security and privacy

We recognise that the availability and security of our systems and the safeguarding of data are critical for Wickes to operate successfully. We continue to improve our security controls to prevent, detect and mitigate unauthorised activity, and we invest in both our privacy and information security teams to achieve this.

We have a clear governance framework in respect of data security and privacy, which is overseen by a dedicated data and information security committee, which meets regularly throughout the year.

Our approach to managing privacy is explained in our Privacy Policies. For further information please view our Privacy Policies on our websites:

Wickes Plc

Wickes Building Supplies Ltd

We also talk about our overall performance in our annual Responsible Business Reports.

Human rights and modern slavery

For information on our approach to protecting human rights and tackling modern slavery please visit our Responsible Sourcing page.