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At Wickes we aren’t only looking at ways to reduce our own environmental impact, we also want to help our customers create more sustainable homes by providing sustainable products and services that are responsibly sourced.

According to the British Retail Consortium, the UK's homes contribute around a quarter of the UK's carbon emissions, and the challenge of retrofitting these homes with sustainable technologies remains one of the largest in achieving the UKs net zero targets. The UK is also facing cost of living increases that make energy efficient homes even more essential to combat rising energy costs. Our Homes pillar will look to help address these challenges.

We are focused on three main goals:

  1. Eliminate all unnecessary packaging and all packaging to be easy to recycle or reuse by 2025  

  2. 50% of our own brand products classified as sustainable 

  3. Reduced in-use emissions of our products

Helping the nation make their homes more sustainable

We sell a wide range of products that are both responsibly sourced, and that support sustainable homes and living.

We partner with the Energy Saving Trust to provide advice and guidance to customers on how to make their homes more energy efficient.

We have made it easier for customers to access these products with the launch of our Energy Efficient Home on our website, with advice on sustainable living and energy reduction for all rooms in the house with a click to purchase option for the most important products.

Wickes Energy Efficient Home


As a multichannel retailer, with thousands of products of all shapes and sizes, Wickes will always require packaging to protect our products, and to offer customers the essentials for their homes.   We recognise that we need to work hard to improve and reduce packaging in our business, and have set ourselves some challenging packaging improvement and reduction targets over the next few years.

  • To eliminate all unnecessary packaging across our business by 2023
  • All our packaging will be easy to recycle, reuse or compost by 2025
  • 50% of all of our packaging materials will come from recycled materials by 2025

To support these targets we have a new packaging management system, Valpac, which allows us to monitor and manage the packaging within our business and work with our suppliers and colleagues to understand and reduce its impact.

Understanding our customers' needs

We know we need to do more to support sustainable homes in the UK and this starts with understanding the needs of our all our customers, Local Trade, DIY and DIFM

We conduct ‘customer closeness’ focus groups to better understand their needs and concerns, especially on climate change and the environment.   Through this research we have established that although home improvers and tradespeople are concerned about climate change, in reality few homes actually have available sustainable products installed.  There is an opportunity for retailers to play a far greater role in educating and supporting consumers and through continued engagement with customers we can focus our products, ranges, and services on what they want and need.