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  • New research reveals how we organise our kitchens, and how getting them in order can improve stress levels
  • To help frazzled homeowners, the Style Sisters - Charlotte Reddington and Gemma Lily – have teamed up with Wickes Design Consultants to create a series of top tips

Ready for a spring declutter, Wickes has collaborated with organising and styling duo Charlotte Reddington-Smith and Gemma Lilly, to create a series of top tips to show how to transform your kitchen from chaos to calm.

The partnership comes as new research by Wickes* reveals most people say having an organised kitchen makes them calmer, with almost a third (31%) claiming a disorganised kitchen makes them stressed.

The Style Sisters are professional interior stylists who specialise in the art of organisation. With an Instagram following of nearly 300k and an impressive roster of celeb clients including Amanda Holden, Rita Ora and Stacey Solomon, they’ve shared their secrets for success when it comes to organising the kitchen:

  1. SPICE IT UP: “Drawers are much more accessible and lots of people are using them instead of cupboards. Foods can often get lost in the back of cupboards, whereas drawers make it possible to see everything— especially things like herbs and spices. Being able to clearly see what you’ve got and read the labels is really important. Make sure to put the spice drawer next to the hob/oven, where you’ll reach for it most.”
  2. SNACK TIME: “One of our new favourite items in our kitchens is the snack drawer. A drawer designated for all the yummy goodies. Use boxes or dividers to keep the categories contained so it stays organised, Wickes have some great options. Think about where this is best placed – accessible but not too accessible!.”
  3. FANCY A CUPPA? “A tea and coffee station can easily be created to give a luxe feel, but don’t forget to think about its positioning. Ensure sockets are fitted inside the cupboard. Keep mugs nearby and place them near your instant boiling tap for convenience. One option is to place the tea and coffee station in a cupboard rather than on the side. It means you can close the door and keep the work surfaces clear and any potential mess is hidden.”
  4. SHELF-PROCLAIMED ORGANISATION: “Shelves are a perfect place to get creative in your kitchen and add colour through styling. Add plants, fresh herbs, jars and chopping boards to make the space look interesting, but also a practical space for storage of bowls, plates and glassware. Not every kitchen can have a pantry, but you can create a pantry style look on shelving using jars and containers.”
  5. APPLIANCE GARAGE: “Air fryers are now really popular, but they aren’t the most aesthetic appliances. Think about how often you’re using the appliance. Is it every day? If so, keep it somewhere easy to reach. If you’re using it once a month, don’t take up precious space. Hide large kitchen appliances in large baskets in your kitchen space to keep them organised and tidy. If you can add a large deep cupboard to your kitchen, it’s a great option to store them, make sure it’s not too high and you can reach the appliances you need.”
  6. CUT-LERY TO THE CHASE: “Having your cutlery in a drawer isn’t new, but making sure you have a tray to store it and keep organised is so important. Wickes have great extendable options to maximise drawer space, including their hidden cutlery tray which acts as a drawer within a drawer! Another thing to think about is to consider going horizontal with your drawer dividers. This will allow you to store longer items and larger utensils.”
  7. POP IT UP: “It can be hard to know where to place your sockets in the kitchen, we recommend a pop-up socket, if possible. This means you can easily use your appliances on flat dry work surfaces and have enough plugs for baking and cooking.”
  8. IT’S SIZZLING: “This might be seen as a luxury to some, but we use our instant boiling tap daily. It means you save surface and cupboard space by not having a kettle and provide instant boiling water. What’s not to love?”
  9. YOU SAY TOMATO: “Fresh produce such as root vegetables, onions, potatoes and garlic can be stored in a drawer or cupboard. When you do this, place them in small bins in a pull-out unit. This keeps them organised and fresh. Think strategically about where you place this storage. Keep near the chopping boards and knives. This is because you’ll be likely to chop them before cooking.

"An organised kitchen means a calmer space for everyone, at least according to our research with Wickes, and that’s something everyone would like more of.

Thanks to new and improved kitchen designs, such as large pull-out drawers and instant boiling taps, we’re no longer required to do half of the rummaging, sifting, and clearing that we once did, but there are simple hacks such as owning a spice rack and having an allocated snack drawer that will always remain a part of kitchen organisation 101"

Charlotte Reddington Style Sister

"How we organise and design our kitchens is a constant evolution. Whilst new ideas such as tea and coffee stations will dominate our Pinterest boards throughout 2024, many fixtures stay the same – anyone growing up in the 70s and 80s might be surprised to learn the humble spice rack still has a role to play.

Our Design Consultants at Wickes know how crucial it is that organisation is at the heart of your kitchen’s design. They’ll pair your ideas with their expertise to create the perfect kitchen match.

Wickes Design Consultants can help to create a kitchen that works for all family members. Book a free appointment today."

Mandy Minichiello Head of Marketing Kitchens & Bathrooms at Wickes

Notes to Editors 

* Survey conducted February 2024, based on 2,047 respondents.

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